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SoloSight 3D

A revolutionary device for enhanced surgical experiences


SoloSight 3D

First of its Kind

Breakthrough technology allows a single “eye” to create stereo 3D. The result is a 5mm endoscope that produces crisp, clear 3D HD imagery and has the weight of a standard 2D scope system for better ergonomics in longer procedures.





SoloSight 3D

Minimally Invasive

3D surgical visualization will allow your team to enhance their performance and reduce operating time. Our technology provides more accurate information, realistic depth perception and significantly improved visual cues for the surgeon and the assistant.

Relative Depth Judgment

Allows true identification of the spatial relationship between objects and the instrument.

Spatial Localization

Focuses concentration on specific objects within a particular plane, while ignoring others.

Surface Curvature Perception

Surface is processed more effectively with 3D vision, resulting in accurate hand-eye coordination.