Surgical Visualization

Three-dimensional visualization is the future of minimally invasive surgery. With our state-of-the-art 3D technology, surgical procedures can be executed like never before. Adding the element of depth to your perception can reduce operating time, as well as enhance performance.

Fluid Waste Manifolds

Our collection of reprocessed products can greatly reduce your disposal costs. For example, reprocessing manifolds diverts thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable plastic from landfills and can save facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars in supply costs. Explore our catalog

Medical Waste Solutions

We have developed a full line of reusable medical waste and sharps containers for the industry. In addition, we have developed wash systems, automation and accessories to support your facility's needs. We also provide simple, safe and affordable "red bag" and sharps disposal services.

Big Foot Suction

With a small footprint, Big FOOT is moved around the floor like smaller floor suction devices. Big FOOT is the most efficient, low cost floor sucker, crafted to dry your floors during low, moderate or high fluid cases. Position Big FOOT where fluids are most likely to fall to the floor, and watch the magic happen.




Purchase, lease or rent certified pre-owned equipment so you will no longer be tied into contracts with the large companies. We can provide you with equipment, service, and disposables for a fraction of the cost without the headache. Call to learn more about our offerings.